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Transforming Online Information Into Assets

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Creating valuable information

Kipcast Intelligent Data Collection (IDC) enables firms to extract and aggregate any amount or type of information,
in any format from any number of online sources and process it into consistent, structured and actionable content,
for applications, analysis or publishing

Catalog Construction

Kipcast IDC offers a swift, zero-impact, code free means for enterprise to assemble product information, media and pricing, drawn from between one and several thousand sources, to produce single, consistently formatted and searchable digital catalogs; for anything from b2b directories to mobile or social-media shopping.

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Content Services for Publishers

Creating value-add content for Web and Mobile from single or multiple sources. Whether harvesting gossip and reviews from around the web or monitoring and following news stories or individuals online, Kipcast IDC provides high-quality aggregations, semantically-processed for ensured-relevance, category & subject tagging, search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Content Geotagging

Using an extension of Kipcast IDC semantic processing, articles are cross-referenced against comprehensive databases of local information to establish their precise geolocation for hyperlocal content, location-linked advertising inventory or SEO and proximity services for mobile

Data Monitoring & Comparison

Kipcast IDC provides a cost-effective and reliable way to discreetly monitor multiple information sources to assemble volumes of heterogeneous content and data. Further processing establishes similarities (for example between competing brands and products) that are then translated into predefined consistent formats, to enable analysis and cross-comparison

Design your Collection

We’re experts in content aggregation and processing, so we work to understand your particular business requirements; designing how content is collected, processed and represented to fit them

Define your Sources

When your sources have been identified, Kipcast’s specially trained operators employ screen tools to manually prepare each one for extraction. This enables rapid set up and ensures exceptionally precise results, even when referencing hundreds or even thousands of locations

Deploy your Content & Data

Kipcast IDC is a fully-managed cloud based service. We harvest and process data to your specifications and provide it to you in an immediately usable, standard, compliant format

Value from Data & Distributed Content

Content and data become valuable to business when it can be organized and presented for specific purposes, whether that’s powering enterprise applications or generating media-associated revenues. The problem is, it’s rarely immediately usable – and while organizations may have content, even then, it can be a struggle to repurpose it for emerging opportunities, like mobile.

In response, Kipcast has designed its Intelligent Data Collection for businesses to achieve three objectives:

  • Be able to respond rapidly to business needs; designing and launching applications or media products to address them
  • Cost-effectively assemble any content needed direct from the source, wherever it’s accessed and process it into immediately usable intelligent data
  • Create new information assets and significantly grow their value

What clients say

Europages uses Kipcast services to aggregate and re-publish product catalogs directly from the web sites of its customers. Europages has chosen Kipcast for their smooth, effective and easy-to-implement solution. By using Kipcast content harvesting technology, Europages has been able to provide value-added services to its customers such as visibility on the internet, additional traffic on their website and qualified contacts without asking them to supply any material. Integrating content collected and republished by Kipcast into Europages infrastructure has been fast and carried out quickly through a very efficient cooperation. Service by Kipcast is seamless and glitch free.
Patrick Buisson, Marketing Manager


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