Catalog Construction.

Perhaps the most valuable content on the Web is found in catalogs. Whether of products, services, property or jobs; catalogs provide the best way for customers to get what they’re looking for. Online businesses have always recognized the enormous value in providing single searchable “portals” into their partners’ databases but until now doing so for most applications has been either too difficult or prohibitively expensive.

Kipcast Catalog Construction can now provide the answer; a quick, cost effective and most of all, reliable means to unify disparate collections of catalogs into single, searchable and consistently presented “Super Catalogs”. Kipcast Catalog Construction creates a view across multiple catalogs, so you can:

  • Grow online property value and boost revenues
  • Give more to advertisers and partners
  • Become first point-of-call for customers
  • Ensure that information and prices are maintained at source, so always up-to-date

Whatever your focus, whether B2B, B2C or even to customers within your enterprise, providing this unified view on information of value,  with sophisticated but easy to use search and organisation tools, lets you create something that’s worth far more than the sum of its parts.

Unity Increases Value

Kipcast Catalog Construction customers are typically established directory sites looking to enhance the quality and usefulness of their business listings. Using Kipcast, they create value in three directions:

  1. Individual catalog owners gain immediate visibility for their products and services in the places where their customers are most likely to search, in particular, benefitting from the power sites such as these have in gaining presence online and prominent positions in search engine results
  2. Directory sites become substantially more useful to customers and therefore increase high-quality traffic, while also becoming more visible in search engine results for searches relating to their catalog partners’ products
  3. Advertisers and sponsors have access to positions in front of higher volume and more focused  traffic volumes

What Kipcast Catalog Construction Offers

Kipcast Catalog Construction is a high-performance and relatively low-cost solution to a problem that is usually complex, time-consuming and expensive to address. With Kipcast, there is no need for integration with partners’ catalog and therefore no need for any resources from them; any Web-accessible catalog where individual records can be recognized can be harvested for re-publishing by Kipcast.

Kipcast specifically offers:

  • Powerful Back-office tools – providing the means to create rules for indexing and harvesting individual catalogues, ensuring consistently high-quality representation of current and future products
  • Comprehensive crawling functionality – Kipcast can immediately access, index and harvest as many as 95% of all online catalogs, including PDF, DHTML and AJAX content
  • High-quality republishing – Kipcast can harvest all content with each record, including multimedia and images and consistently republish it in whatever format meets your design requirements
  • Fast implementation – Kipcast doesn’t require integration with any partner catalogs so as many as 100 a month, with multi-thousands of records, can be included in your service with relatively little additional cost
  • Built-in user tools – Excellent customer experience is the key to success. Kipcast “super catalogs” benefit from all our usual built-in tools, from user-focused content organization and navigation to personalization and social media propagation
  • Detailed reporting and quality control – Our customers receive development reports so they can see just how their catalog is being created and specifically the rules being generated to extract individual catalogs, while ongoing reports enable them to view catalogs as they are extracted and to monitor the quality of all the latest extractions

What clients say

Europages uses Kipcast services to aggregate and re-publish product catalogs directly from the web sites of its customers. Europages has chosen Kipcast for their smooth, effective and easy-to-implement solution. By using Kipcast content harvesting technology, Europages has been able to provide value-added services to its customers such as visibility on the internet, additional traffic on their website and qualified contacts without asking them to supply any material. Integrating content collected and republished by Kipcast into Europages infrastructure has been fast and carried out quickly through a very efficient cooperation. Service by Kipcast is seamless and glitch free.
Patrick Buisson, Marketing Manager Europages

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