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Kipcast delivers high-speed, high-quality information retrieval across large volumes of varied data sources, whether from websites, feeds, catalogs or any other databases.

Whether news or reputation monitoring, creating portals or assembling references and links for any other information service, the content and data you need is usually available, it’s just a matter of pulling it in from wherever it’s published. The problem however is ensuring the accuracy of its retrieval across tens, hundreds or even thousands of information sources.

Incredibly Flexible

Harvest from any heterogeneous Web-accessible sources

High Quality

Guarantee the quality of content and data capture


Maximize value by minimizing delay

Kipcast uses enterprise level content harvesting to collect the material you need from however many sources, almost as soon as it’s published. Equally important, retrieved material is returned in a consistent and immediately usable form, regardless of the original source formats.


No Integration

There’s no need for expensive integration work to get the information you need into your applications. Kipcast Content Harvesting is hosted and fully supported, so there is no need to tie up scarce and expensive IT resources to get your application up and running. The way that Kipcast operates means that all you have to do is tell us where you want to monitor, what you want to harvest, how you want it processed and finally, where and how you want to receive the resulting feeds. Kipcast does everything else.

Our clients benefit from rapid and reliable deployment by trained operators, using built-in tools, following standardized processes. What they get are first-rate services cost-effectively set-up and operated form our secure, resilient, high-capacity server network.


Quality Assurance

Traditional content scraping relies on automated agents to “crawl” sites and bring back data. The trouble is that presentation standards and formats vary and are liable to frequent change. The result is either to limit what can be reliably retrieved or risk poor quality and potentially unusable returns.

Kipcast ensures superb results every time, with a unique combination of source configuration by trained operators during set-up, with ongoing performance monitoring and human support for every live service.

Of course, Kipcast can be configured to operate automatically, however top-quality results are only really possible when a person is involved.


Consistent Format

Harvested content and data needs to be immediately usable. You tell us what needs to be in the feed and Kipcast creates it in standard and compliant extended RSS 2 or Atom format.

The formatting of Kipcast harvested feeds ensures their immediate usability in the widest available range of devices and deployments, so there’s no need for any additional time consuming and expensive development for compatibility.


High Capacity Rapid Response

Kipcast’s technology has been designed for high volume and consistently delivers excellent performance in harvesting, processing and republishing, even multiple-thousands of feeds. What’s more, Kipcast’s fully managed hosting, with performance monitoring, guarantees sufficient capacity even for the busiest of services.

What clients say

Kipcast is an amazing, easy-to-use tool which helps us provide better, more efficient service to our clients. It uncovers and keeps track of physician job openings across Ontario, and enables us to generate useful reports. It has helped us increase our success in client placement, as well as assist our community partners in their recruiting efforts.
Ellen Bruce, Team Lead, Physician Recruitment Advisors, HealthForceOntario Marketing & Recruitment Agency


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