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Kipcast Mobile Enablement saves time and money in equipping business
to exploit the vast financial potential afforded by the fastest growing communications channel ever

Mobile Enablement for eCommerce

Conveii from Kipcast provides everything you need to create the best in mobile and tablet shopping, including automated product, price and offers extraction and optimization, secure cloud hosting and Web shopping basket, social and CRM integration, combined with a wealth of additional shopper-focused services, from geolocation to code scanning and price comparison.

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Mobile Enablement for Publishing

Kipcast Mobile Enablement underpins some of Europe’s most prestigious newspaper and magazine titles; providing both exceptional digital replicas and interactive text versions for reading online and offline, together with revenue generation through eCommerce-enabled page inserts, mobile and geolocal advertising inventory, subscription management and external content aggregation and republishing

Mobile Websites

Making an existing website “adaptive” to display on mobile won’t guarantee its success. Kipcast Mobile Enablement lets you truly tailor the consumer experience to their devices and situations by allowing your content and services to be re-structured into focused functional sites designed around the needs of users on the move

Mobile Enterprise Applications

Content and data are key to Enterprise Applications for mobile. Kipcast provides a means for businesses to rapidly turn requirements and ideas into sophisticated functional apps that interact with core systems without impacting on them. Our unique architecture and app components combine to create outstanding function-specific user interfaces with content and data exchanges managed to and from devices, so you can quickly access the benefits of an application with the minimum risk of disruption and expense to your business

Our approach


Our experienced mobile team works with you to develop your mobile strategy into products and services that precisely fit your business needs


Our platform provides rapid, code-free integration of existing services and extraction and repurposing of any number of content sources, which we combine into mobile websites and high-performance natively coded applications


We offer a unique cloud-hosted architecture that is resilient and scalable at a comparatively low cost. We also monitor and report a comprehensive set of performance and behavioral data to enable continuous service enhancement and informed development

Who Is This For?

There will soon be 1.5 billion smartphones in use Worldwide* and already, over 300 million tablet PCs have been shipped, with usage increasing 282% since 2011. More and more, consumers in mature Internet economies are choosing to access the web and other digital services via mobile, while significant emerging economies, such as China and India, already report more internet access via mobile than PCs. Lower priced devices and 4G connectivity will dramatically increase this trend.

Many businesses are failing to keep pace with this shift to mobile because doing so requires significant additional investment and often the direction to take is uncertain.
Kipcast recognises these difficulties, so we developed Mobile Enablement specifically to address them:

Kipcast’s Universal Content API can extract data or unstructured content from any number of online sources and process it into structured, actionable content for mobile and tablets, so you can capitalize on your existing investments in digital, for a fraction of the cost and disruptions that accompany conventional integrations
The future of publishing and commerce is unknown, so we provide a safe and agile means to identify opportunities for businesses on mobile and to rapidly and cost-effectively market test and develop them in a “live” consumer environment, so you know with some certainty where to direct your expenditure and gain the greatest return
Kipcast is committed to continual R&D to develop the best available component set for iOS and Android applications, so you can keep a step ahead and unlock the full potential of each device, providing unrivalled performance and quality of service, without the risk and expense of bespoke developments

What clients say

A combination of the rapid diffusion of mobile devices and the propensity of users to access content while on the move made it obvious that we needed a mobile solution that could deliver a uniform experience across the several publications that we produce.  Kipcast’s aggregation platform provided exactly that, allowing us to effectively aggregate content for distribution to mobile sites. After implementation we noticed a sharp decrease in page loading times and a significant increase in traffic. Our experience working with Kipcast was very positive and we found them to be both reliable and flexible. They were always attentive to our needs and were willing and able to adapt to changing specifications during the course of the project.
Cesare Navarotto, COO



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