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Introducing UserSpike, the social engagement platform from Kicpast that makes social media from any digital content or commerce, through a comprehensive set of social features that extend CRM and increase visibility, customer-value, insight and sales conversions.

Profile Management

Social Login


 Simplify the registration process and gain access to insightful data

UserSpike allows your users to seamlessly register and login to your site in one click, through their preferred social profile. This makes life easier on them and gives you access to rich social graph data that can then be used to help them get the most from your site.

  • One click registration/sign-in
  • Access to social profile data on an opt-in basis
  • Account linking ensures users can link multiple social profiles to your site

Non-social Login



Provide the best in personalized site experience for those customers that are not ready to login with their social profile

Some site visitors are wary of giving up their social profile data and choose to keep accounts separate. For this reason, you will need a traditional registration solution that allows you to provide an exceptional personalized experience to those users. Userspike offers a complete registration and profile management service that adheres to industry best practices.

  • Customizable registration forms
  • Real time, inline validation to ensure accurate form completion
  • Mobile optimized

Social Plugins




Easily generate reliable feedback from your users

Including ratings and reviews on your site is a great way to get valuable and reliable feedback from your site visitors. Our fully customizable plugins allow you to easily provide a review and rating service for your users.

  • Boost SEO (increases volume of fresh, unique content rich with relevant keywords)
  • Fully customizable
  • Increases the purchase confidence of the customer
  • Valuable data source for quality control
  • Promotes reliable feedback from a community of users



Give a voice to your visitors and help them build a community around your content

With the fully customizable and easy to install comments plugin, you can help stimulate conversations among your users and build a community around your content. Visitor comments provide a great source of fresh and unique user generated content, which helps boost your SEO.

  • Encourage feedback from users
  • Build a community around your content
  • # and @ enabled comments allow for targeted messages and powerful search



Keep your users engaged by allowing them to curate your content

Collections allows your users to save lists of products, articles or posts that can be retrieved at leisure for consumption. Whether for ecommerce product wish lists or editorial “read later” lists, collections will help you provide a truly personal website experience by allowing users to curate content.



Allow community members to influence and be influenced, increasing engagement and promote product discovery from trusted sources

The follow function provides a powerful means of website personalization. Users can follow anything from brands, authors, topics or other users and receive instant notifications of changes to followed content. For example, a user that follows a particular brand of product on your ecommerce website could receive automatic notifications when your site features new products from that brand or you offer a discount on that brand’s products.


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