Increase customer loyalty through device-optimisation

Ecommerce allows consumers to source products from around the globe as well as quickly and easily compare prices. At the same time, ecommerce merchants are able to pass on reductions in fixed costs to their customers in the form of lower prices. The result has been a marked focus on price.

However, a recent study by digital marketing solutions provider EPiServer shows that price is not everything. The study indicates that 57% of UK shoppers are loyal to their favourite websites despite lower costs elsewhere, underlining the importance of providing a total customer experience in order to attract and retain customers.

In the last few years, technology has given retailers the ability to significantly improve one component of the total customer experience – the digital shopping experience. This, combined with the enthusiastic adoption of mobile devices by consumers, has no doubt contributed to the impressive growth seen recently in ecommerce.

The challenge for ecommerce vendors is to optimize the shopping experience across touch points in order to enrich customer experience and foster loyalty. This is no small challenge considering the differences between devices and, just as importantly, the differences in the way consumers use them.

Fortunately Conveii can help. Our platform is designed to allow you to optimize digital shopping experiences while you focus on maintaining your existing ecommerce site. Want to know more? Get in touch..