Collecting information that matters

Just as the printing press revolutionized the transmission of information, the Internet has transformed the publishing sector, particularly the newspaper. Advertising revenues, once the foundation of the publishing sector, have dried up as businesses and consumers increasingly advertise online. However, the upending of the traditional publishing sector has also created opportunities for firms to reconfigure the vast amount of online data and information into valuable assets that can be monetized.

Our platform enables publishers to take the next step in digital publishing. In addition to the fast and effective delivery of content across devices, Kipcast allows publishers to inject ecommerce and social functionality into content to maximize engagement and drive revenues.

Intelligent Data Collection

  • Content aggregation/syndication
  • Hyperlocal content solutions

Mobile Enablement

  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • Mobile websites

Social Engagement

  • Userspike Social Platform for media

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