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Data Harvesting and Enrichment


Kipcast offers efficient techniques to assemble product information, media and pricing, drawn from multiple sources to produce single, consistently formatted digital catalogues. Our tools can generate catalogues even from the most dynamic, or AJAX-based HTML product pages thanks to our server-based, head-less, web-rendering techniques.


Icecat, the Open Catalog is an independent global syndicator of ecommerce product content. Icecat has a very rich taxonomy and classification of products as well as a huge database product details. provides the tools to generate subsets of product oriented data sets aimed at feeding content information to Product Information Management systems (PIM), Product Content Management system (PCM), or Digital Asset Management systems (DAM).


Data integration often involves manual curation especially in the context of re-classification of products and product feature mapping. has developed a web curation tool to assist curators in automatically retrieving attributes to be mapped from existing catalogues, automatically showing all mapped items and supporting multiple classification and taxonomy standards such as Google Shopping classification, or Icecat Classification and Taxonomy, or any custom taxonomy and classification. High level classification mapping is critical to achieve mapping quality and reliability. Classical use cases are category remapping for Google Shopping or Amazon or eBay. Invalid mapped categories are a show-stopper for selling on marketplaces or for marketing products on the most effective marketing channels.


Feed complete is the approach taken by Kipcast product feed management platform to on-board quickly and completely new customers to its data marketing platform. By Feed Complete we include a number of techniques to generate rich catalogue content even in the absence of structured data or programmatic access to commerce platforms. Features of the approach include scraping content from the customer’s ecommerce site, classification and taxonomy mapping, other lookup tables (such as colors or gender), title keyword optimization, barcode inclusion and merge with basic feed content or from APIs. Our platform is also capable of merging multiple feeds by adding secondary feeds to the principal one.

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