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Connecting IT and Marketing/Advertising Platforms


Integrating legacy environments with advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Snapchat Advertising, Amazon Advertising, Linkedin, tc. requires technical skills that are not always available to marketing agencies. Major hurdles are data collection, data transformations and data synchronization with cloud advertising web services. In addition to that, most advertising platforms employee strict criteria to allow external applications to interact with them either through quotas or layered access tokens. Many integration developer apps are thoroughly vetted by advertising platform builders before giving them effective access to their web services. Kipcast continuously works with platform makers to expand the scope of its services to add more and more integration capabilities.


Google Shopping campaigns are tightly interlaced with Google Merchant (GMC) product data. Interacting with GMC means having the ability to upload product feeds for online products, local product feeds for local inventory campaigns and local inventory data for local inventory campaigns. The same functionality is available through Google Content API if a feed-less approach is preferred (real-time). Full control on the quality of data is also possible by means of GMC Diagnostics API. Kipcast supports all above ways of integrating with GMC through its platform. Downstream from GMC and in Google Ads, Kipcast also provides the ability to hook up with Google Adwords API and Google Adwords Scripting for ad-hoc integrations. Among other things this means pausing and starting campaigns, creating product groups programmatically and the ability to tweak budgets for individual ad groups and campaigns.


Similarly to Google Shopping campaigns, text search campaigns can be automated through ad-hoc integrations with Google Ads/Adwords API and Adwords Scripting. Kipcast provides all above capabilities based on the specific needs of our customers. Rich text ads with all sorts of extensions can be created on the fly by Kipcast developers through custom code or scripts.


The platform is capable of uploading full catalogue data to Facebook and Instagram using its Dynamic Product Ads support (both with feeds and Facebook APIs). Similarly to Google Ads, Facebook Marketing API support the creation and management of campaign, ad groups and product sets for product oriented campaigns. Kipcast will soon have the ability to interact in automated ways with Facebook Marketing APIs.


High quality data is essential to create effective shopping campaigns for Google Ads. Google Merchant Center supports Diagnostics APIs that return a detailed status to the product level of product data compliancy with its standard. Above functionality is tightly embedded in the platform but it is also available for ad-hoc integration applications with bespoke alert systems or non-conventional ones (such as Slack or Splunk platforms). For instance, it could be critical to raise alerts when specific thresholds of disapprovals by Google are surpassed. Alerts could be emails, mobile notifications, text messages, asynchronous queue notifications, or else.

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