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Kipcast was created in 2006 to bring together content and data desired by our clients, which may be located in the deepest corners of the Internet, and transform them into valuable assets. Accuracy of retrieval is our greatest strength. We mobile enable all our custom designed services. In the last few years, we have leveraged and applied our expertise in intelligent data collection to social commerce.
Kipcast has patents pending on its core technologies.

Our People

Kipcast employs a World-class group of computer engineers and deployment consultants, led by Giovanni Guardalben, a veteran in the field.
If you would like to be part of the Kipcast team and you have what it takes, Kipcast is always on the lookout for talented people like you. Click here to read about joining us and for details of how to get in touch.

Giovanni Guardalben


Valerio Ambrosi

Team Leader – Front End Development

Marco Canteri

Support Center Manager & Developer – Highstreet.io

Sara Compri

Developer – Highstreet.io

Max Farnea

Full Stack Expert – Highstreet.io

Damiano Federti

Systems Manager & Backend Developer – Highstreet.io

Helen Guardalben

Quality Assistant & Content Curation

Daniel Howard

Business Developer – Highstreet.io

Claudia Iglesias

Administration & Bookkeeping

Michele Mancini

Technical Project Manager – Highstreet.io

Stefano Moletta

UI Senior Developer

Fausto Oppizio

Team Leader – Content Applications

Luca Piccoli

Senior Developer – Content Harvesting

Luca Quintarelli

Technical Architect – Highstreet.io

Valerio Zamboni

Developer – Content Harvesting

Alberto Zanetti

Team Leader – Mobile Development


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