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Digital Boost

We have a promise to keep: to be your digital boost.

We have been supporting companies for years in all processes of digital transformation. We have a unique portfolio of solutions to always create value for people, the environment, and the companies themselves.

An Italian story

Impresoft is first and foremost a group of specialist, complementary companies operating in the digital innovation market, with a wealth of expertise, technologies, and human resources.

The group came together in 2019 and it's a project that reflects digital innovation - it’s in constant evolution. We aim to become the point of reference for any digitisation requirement or process within the Italian business community.

Una storia italiana
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Our vision
To become a European player in driving the digital and sustainable transformation of companies, inspiring and enabling them to embrace technology and sustainability as key drivers of their success, to improve the quality of work and life.
Vision Impresoft
Our mission

To generate sustainable value and to be a life-long partner for medium to large enterprises in the digital transformation of their key processes and the adoption of the latest technological enablers.


We do this by leveraging our in-depth understanding of the processes, the expertise and passion of our people, our ecosystem of excellent technology and distribution partners, and a unique and distinctive offering that simplifies complexity.

Mission Impresoft

Our values

Our values encapsulate Impresoft's identity and represent our work both internally and externally.

They are our principles, compasses to always point us clearly in the right direction.

Generate sustainable positive impact

  • Create sustainable value for people, customers, the company, and society at large
  • Guide businesses towards creating sustainable value through digital technology
  • Maintain high professional and ethical standards
  • Work with passion for the success of our customers, always putting them first

Foster a great working environment to attract and develop talent

  • Value each person's skills
  • Be inclusive and acknowledge diversity as a strength
  • Always give ourselves ambitious new goals
  • Ascoltare attivamente e mantenere un punto di vista oggettivo
  • Practice active listening and maintain an objective point of view

Work as a team, with method and pace, to win

  • Build lasting relationships on trust
  • Embrace different viewpoints and respect them 
  • Build an effective and functional work method for better teamwork
  • Increase our skills and codified knowledge for the benefit of our colleagues

Be passionate about innovation and generate enthusiasm

  • Always adopt a positive attitude even when faced with challenging situations
  • Be innovative, driven, passionate, and have fun
  • Be a positive example, inspiring other people, and organisations
  • Bring passion, expertise, and experience together to take digitisation to the next level
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How do we pursue excellence?

Passion, expertise, and people.

The combination of these three things has allowed us to build UniQa: Impresoft's offering designed to drive the digital transformation of businesses, reduce the complexity of an ever-changing market, and generate sustainable value by working as a team and using the best technologies on the market.

UniQa acts on several levels:

  • Governance capacity and productivity of business processes
  • Strengthening key processes and technological enablers
  • Marketing and customer engagement processes
  • Efficiency and quality of industrial processes
  • Resilience and technological modernity of the entire organisation

Our team


Formula was created through the merger of Gruppo Formula and Impresoft. It represents the benchmark in the supply of ERP, CRM, CPM/BI, Treasury, Credit Management, and Document Management software to businesses. Its offering enables companies to speed up their business processes, increase their efficiency, and improve their productivity through the selection of the best solutions on the market.


4wardPRO brings a new vision of Corporate Resilience and operates with an integrated approach in the major areas of IT: Data-Driven and AI Solutions, IT Governance, Modern Work, Adoption Change Management & Learning, Cybersecurity, and Managed Services, including through the creation of several proprietary solutions developed specifically to successfully address the challenge of Corporate Resilience.

GN Techonomy

GN Techonomy has been enabling its customers to develop a lasting advantage since 1995. Thanks to the specialisation and experience of its consultants, and technology from the world's leading vendors such as Oracle and Software AG, it can provide large and expanding businesses with a complete suite of solutions to stay competitive in the global marketplace.


Offers applications and platforms to help expand your business, leverage your technology investments, and improve flexibility and speed of action. It can support new business models. Thanks to its partnerships with leading IT firms, it carries out integration projects, offering its customers the benefit of distinctive competencies of renowned excellence.


Kipcast produces SaaS data feed management solutions for AdTech and MarTech integration projects. Through and, Kipcast provides retailers with the tools to increase marketing campaign performance and sales, optimise retargeting and remarketing, and improve logistics and fulfilment; driving the growth of the online business.


NextTech deals exclusively with mobile sales area management: a 100% SFA company. It creates applications for mobile devices to keep the company in contact with the sales network spread across the territory. With its in-depth understanding of sales networks and sales challenges, NextTech can deliver straightforward and functional solutions.


A spinoff of OpenSymbol established in 2019, NextCRM helps businesses to manage relations with their customers, with the dynamism of a start-up and the maturity of a system integrator. A partner who will help you increase your competitiveness in your target markets, as demonstrated by the more than 60 success stories of as many organisations after only two years of the company’s launch.


The first Italian CRM company: it offers end-to-end CRM solutions, advising on both setting up a customer-oriented strategy and on implementing the most suitable technology for specific needs. It operates mainly in the Manufacturing, Automotive, Insurance, and Fintech sectors. Sectors in which, alongside others, it has implemented more than 300 successful projects to date.


Qualitas Informatica has been the main partner for Italian manufacturing companies since 1986. Thanks to its proprietary MES, it is able to maximally optimise production and raise production standards. With over 300 active projects in Italy and abroad, the company’s mission is to convey to its customers the importance of change that goes beyond mere technology.


Cloudnova is a leading company in Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. It is also a HubSpot Diamond Partner and a Zoho Advanced Partner. Cloudnova employs around 20 professionals and assists more than 250 businesses on their growth path, through the optimisation and digitisation of the customer experience and marketing, sales, and customer service processes.


Based in the heart of Valpolicella, Open-Co leads the field in the design, production, and implementation of LIMS software and applications for the management of Testing Labs, Quality Systems, and Production Control. The solutions developed rank among the leading quality control software applications on the Italian and international market, thanks to the know-how acquired over more than 20 years of experience, constant dialogue with our customers, and attention paid to market needs. Our proprietary software is currently used by over 400 businesses, representing a total of over 4200 workstations in various product and industrial sectors.

Develon Digital

A company specialising in strategic consulting, user experience design, and the design and development of headless digital apps for desktop and mobile. It supports both B2C and B2B businesses in their path of digital innovation, exploiting Design Thinking methodologies and qualitative and quantitative data analysis to execute omnichannel projects that fully harness all the potential of Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation technologies.