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“ helped us activating Local Inventory Ads for products in our flyers by merging flyer data with online product details and promoted prices at each individual store. It generated, optimized, and delivered data feeds to Google Merchant Center (GMC). The platform proved especially flexible in adapting to the specific data configurations of Carrefour, and the team proactively supported us in enabling LIA campaigns on Google.”

Maria Agata Anastasi

Digital Media Planner - CARREFOUR

“ has proven to be instrumental in effortlessly extending our business to new channels with remarkable efficiency. For brands dealing with intricate catalog structures, diverse categories, a multitude of items, and global pricing strategies, I strongly recommend embracing the solution.”

Davide Ambrosini

coordinatore IT di Web Marketing - GRUPPO CALZEDONIA

“The integration of with Salesforce Commerce Cloud has optimally positioned us to achieve our eCommerce goals. Equally significant was the exceptional support provided by the team throughout the journey, from implementation to maintenance, making the transition to this new solution much smoother.”

Stefano Pietrella

Head of Digital Marketing & Analytics Products - LIU JO

“The team has been exceptionally responsive in tackling technical challenges as they arise. Their efforts have empowered us to strengthen our presence on fashion aggregation services like Stileo and, soon, on Lyst”

Francesco Bianchi

Digital Marketing Manager- TWINSET